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The beachfront, safari style canvas tents have permanent wooden floors and plenty of space to unwind, the fronts opening out onto wooden decks and the beach and ocean. Beds are large, with pristine white sheets, surrounded by mosquito nets. There are more local African crafts, such as dark wood chairs with fish carvings and a […]

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(Interestingly, there’s a social network aspect to the app:

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But if it a smokescreen, it working fantastically, and all the ambiguous comments from Kliff and our FO seem to be calculated to drive speculation and hype for the 1 pick. Regardless, as a fan and Rosen supporter it stressful and I excited for the draft and to be done with all of it.TL;DR: our […]

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The Bridgegate imbroglio no longer dominates political headlines the way it did one year ago, but with a federal investigation into the affair still underway Cheap Jerseys free shipping, the scandal continues to create headaches for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. In January of 2014, Wildstein legal counsel asserted that despite Christie claims to the […]

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Most truly small businesses only have a few employees often under 10 until their company grows. This makes Hangouts perfect for bringing all employees together if they’re not all local, some are virtual, or in different offices. Scheduling a monthly or weekly call with your employees creates a team environment even if they’re not all […]

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He was probably advised by the people around him that it would hurt his reelection chances. Not a wise choice, but really, Jack, as far as politicians (including presidents) go, not many of them would recognize the truth if they fell on it. I think most middle of the road Americans thought it was a […]

Solar arrays and storm generators can produce virtually any

For years, the district has balanced budgets with one time revenue sources, including borrowed money and its health care trust. Options for borrowing this year may be limited, depending on market conditions, said Gregg Sunday iphone cases, chief financial officer. Unlike preliminary budgets in the past, the current spending plan includes few “wish list” items.. […]

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raised olive oil best kept in the dark sex toys It’s not just mass killings, though, that leave children believing they might get shot in their classrooms. As Ajani Dartiguenave rode to school in Charlotte with his mom one morning in October, he heard on the radio that a student at Butler High, about 20 […]